Cheap Portable Ultraviolet Flashlight Home Use Uv Germicidal Lamp
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Cheap Portable Ultraviolet Flashlight Home Use Uv Germicidal Lamp

The UVC lamp have 185nm and 254nm two rays.
UVC lamps emit two wavelengths of rays at the same time:
1、253.7nm, direct irradiation to destroy virus and bacteria DNA sterilization
2、185.0nm, stimulate oxygen to produce ozone. Ozone has a stronger diffusion disinfection and sterilization effect.
These two kinds of rays complement each other and can effectively kill bacteria and viruses in space.
254nm rays are harmful to people's close exposure, so we suggest that people must leave when the light is on, and use the remote control
Because of the ozone, you need to open the window for a few minutes after use.
We are professional induction lamp manufacturer,has advantage in producing high power uvc lamp trolley from 300W/400W to 600W/800W.
It is stainless steel material,have the characteristics of strong and corrosion-resistant.Electrodeless lamp has the life span for 60000 hours.The sterilization area is wide, and the efficiency of killing bacteria is 99.99%
  • Uv-300

Product Description


Power supply voltage:  220V±22V 50HZ±1HZ
Lamp tube adjustable Angle:  0-180°
Uv power:  100W,200W 300W, 400W
Disinfection time control range:   0-120 minutes
Ultraviolet radiation: 185-253.7NM
Lamp car height:  84.3cm
Ultraviolet radiation:  ≥280W/Square meters
Tube length: 650MM
Ballast:  electronic ballast
Modulation Angle of lamp arm: 0-180°
Lamp service life: 60000 hours
Box material: sheet metal spray
Universal wheel:  4 360 degree wheels
Function:  disinfection, sterilization
Body weight:  17KG




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