How to increase the amount of electricity generated by household distributed photovoltaic power plants?
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How to increase the amount of electricity generated by household distributed photovoltaic power plants?

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1. Strictly control the quality of solar power stations

Photovoltaic modules, inverters and accumulators are not general consumer products and have a life span of several years or decades, but their long-term reliability should not be judged solely on the basis of appearance. In order to ensure the quality and long-term reliability of photovoltaic products and components, users can adopt the following measures:

(1) The most basic requirement is to require manufacturers to provide authoritative testing and certification reports to ensure that the technical performance of the products submitted for inspection meets the technical standards and passes third-party testing. The mass-produced products are in the same standard as the products submitted for inspection. produce;

(2) Since PV modules and inverters are not short-term consumer goods, they need to be checked again after one year of operation. The failure of “infancy” must be within the scope of the contract.

(3) In addition to the quality of products and components, the design and construction of photovoltaic engineering is also very important. In order to ensure the quality of the project, the project developer may also entrust a qualified and experienced third party to review and supervise the whole process of engineering design, construction and installation, and project inspection.

2. Emphasis on the safety of photovoltaic power generation systems to prevent catastrophic accidents

Safety is the most important part of the quality of a PV system. The safety of photovoltaic systems includes: building safety, grid security, electric shock prevention, system wind resistance, lightning protection, fire and arc protection, anti-theft, sandstorm prevention, etc. Building safety includes building loads, leakage prevention, non-destruction of insulation and building fire protection. Building safety assessment requires professional departments. Distributed photovoltaics combined with construction should first pass building safety assessment before construction. Parallel insulation damage will result in parallel loop arc, and damage to ground insulation will cause arcing to the ground, so if the quality of the cable, connecting device, contactor, circuit breaker is problematic or the engineering installation is not serious, arcing may occur. Causes a fire.

The system's wind resistance needs to be designed according to the maximum wind speed in the local 30 years, but it needs to be optimized and balanced among the factors such as the square array installation angle, annual power generation, building load, land occupation, shadow occlusion, etc., such as square dip and wind. The load is directly related, and the square angle of the design designed to maximize the annual power generation may require a greater wind load, which requires a larger counterweight, which exceeds the maximum load that the building can withstand. This requires changing the inclination of the policy to suit the building load; for example, a high dip requires a larger footprint, while an area increases the cost, sometimes the roof area is limited, and there is no greater spacing between the squares. Square array wind resistance design needs to be adapted to local conditions.

3. Focus on daily operation and maintenance work

(1) Select a manufacturer with data monitoring service, so that you can view the power generation data of the power station anytime and anywhere, so as to find problems and solve problems in advance.

(2) Manufacturers who choose after-sales warranty service can provide regular after-sale inspections.

(3) Strengthen daily cleaning and maintenance to improve the conversion efficiency of photovoltaic modules.

Original title: How to increase the amount of electricity generated by household distributed photovoltaic power plants?

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