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Solar Tree In Paris

Solar tree is an urban-sculptural element which is 4.5 meters high and includes 7 solar panels on its treetop.
This is a "smart", independent unit which is self-sufficient,small solar energy generating station providing around 7KW per day on average.
It creates energy for the following services which it provides: light (illumination) on its treetop by night,docking stations for smart phones and I Pads (few devices may be charged simultaneously), etc. Several other services may be provided upon demand.
This sculptural element of the tree also provides for a resting area to "recharge"


  • Solar tree is constructed from metal tubes. 

  • Each one of its seven "leaves" comprising its treetop is 1.4 meters square which are integrated into tempered glass base. 

  • Weight: in total the Solar tree weight is 1.250Kg. 

  • Solar tree has seven solar panels on its top.

  • Total supplier of 1,400 Watts per hour 7KW per day on average.

  • Solar tree unit manufactures the electricity in direct voltage (DC) 

  • PV solar panels are sheltered (in glass body) and withstand all weather conditions.  

  • Solar tree is safe and accessible to all. 

  • Solar tree was escorted and inspected by safety & construction engineers in all phases of design, manufacturing and assembly. 

  • Solar tree follows international safety regulations and standards 

  • Solar tree withstands any weather condition 

  • Solar tree is radiation-free, immune to electrocution 

  • Solar tree supplies energy (electricity) 24 hours, 7 days a week 

  • Solar tree  blends and adapts itself into the environment: It may be placed in urban centers, museums and cultural institutions, universities and schools. It may also suit parks, promenade and public walks.  

  • Solar tree is a cultural icon, a symbol for community, environment and eco-education 

  • Solar tree is a physical (not mechanical) system that is designed for sustainability and by sheer existence provides for society and supports community

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