What factors affect solar power generation?
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What factors affect solar power generation?

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More and more people are building home distributed photovoltaic power plants, but the same installed capacity is also high or low; how can we effectively increase the power generation of our roof?

First, let's take a look at what factors affect solar power generation.

1. Lighting conditions: Household solar power stations use solar power to generate electricity. The better the natural light resources, the greater the power generation. In the same lighting conditions, after the pre-measurement and design, the power station with the best tilt angle is not more than the power generation. After pre-measurement and design, the installed power station is obviously high at the optimal tilt angle.

2. Product quality:

1 component quality. Photovoltaic modules with good quality and high conversion rate will naturally generate more electricity.

2 inverter quality. Good quality inverters have high conversion efficiency and natural output will generate more power.

3. Installation quality: professional and reliable installation service can ensure that the installation is carried out in strict accordance with the optimal inclination of the components, so that the product components will not be damaged and will not cause potential construction hazards, thus avoiding subsequent safety problems such as electric leakage, fire and lightning. . Unprofessional installation can damage parts of the product and can even cause safety problems.

4. Daily operation and maintenance: dust, obstructions, etc. will affect the conversion efficiency of photovoltaic modules, so often cleaning the surface of solar modules is conducive to increase power generation.

5. After-sales quality assurance: professional after-sales service can guarantee the service life of the power station, extend the income period, and avoid worries.

Therefore, based on the above points, in the case where the sunshine conditions cannot be changed, the user who wants to defeat the power generation of the own power station is 99%, and there are the following methods.

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