Why does a simple tree bring so much attention and shock?
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Why does a simple tree bring so much attention and shock?

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1How much do you know about solar trees?

According to the laws of nature, all trees can convert solar energy into chemical energy. But now relying on high technology, solar energy can also be converted into a variety of different energy through "trees", providing electric charging, cold water and free Wi-Fi, and providing a variety of clean energy for the surrounding communities.


2:Construction of this solar tree theme

This metal trunk and branches are made of solar cells. The entire structure looks clear, and the shape is beautiful and elegant. The solar energy collected by the solar panel can be converted into electrical energy and provided to smart mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops through the USB interface. In addition, free Wi-Fi is also available. In addition to these two, it can also provide cold water for pets and humans in hot weather. At night, night lighting and LCD displays are also available.


3:Future ideas for this tree

In the future, we plan to develop a new video communication function here, so that users standing under the tree can use the display screen to talk with users who are also standing in front of the tree display anywhere in the world.


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